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Frozen fruits and vegetables
Frozen White Peach
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Frozen strawberries
Choose fresh, disease-free, non-damaged, and eighty-nine-ripe strawberry fruits as raw materials. Rinse the soil and debris with running water, then remove the stalks and sepals, and classify them according to size. If no sugar is added, the whole fruit can be directly frozen; if sugar is added, first add sugar to the strawberries according to 17% to 25% of the weight of the fruit, mix well, put them into a film food bag according to the amount and seal it, and put it in the freezing device to freeze quickly. It quickly reached -35°C within 40 to 60 minutes. After freezing, it can be packed and shipped for sale. When eating, unsweetened jelly is better to be half-thawed, and sugar-sweetened can be completely thawed.
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Frozen pear petals
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Frozen Yellow Peach
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Frozen corn kernels
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